Protect your business from Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) and beyond. 

Bloom Energy, the industry leader in microgrid development, has a brand new offering that enables businesses to protect themselves from power disruptions. The AlwaysON Microgrid Solution, providing clean on-site power, is the 21st century answer to long grid outages (planned or unplanned) and extreme weather disruption. In 2018 alone, Bloom microgrids powered facilities through 550+ outages.

What comes with the Always On Microgrid Solution?

Bloom Energy will partner with businesses to assess, design, manufacture, install, and maintain the microgrid solution for the entirety of the contract.

Always On Microgrid Solution

Getting Started - Three Easy Steps

Bloom Energy has been designing, installing, and maintaining microgrids since 2010.
Getting started is easy:

  1. Resiliency Assessment
    Our Engineers evaluate your facilities to design the ideal Always On system

  2. Proposal Review 
    Our sales team partners with you on a transaction structure and proposal

  3. Always On Power
    Our world class customer success and service teams support you throughout the contract


Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) are becoming a new normal for California. Bloom Energy microgrids can protect businesses from the cost of outages and other impacts from planned power outages. As a leading microgrid company, Bloom microgrids can help keep your business running, even during a PSPS power outage.