Bloom Energy: Powering Education

Bloom Energy offers an optimized solution for your campus, matching today's energy needs and tomorrow's requirements. 

Predictable Costs

  • No money down
  • Keep your energy costs predictable by hedging against T&D & natural gas escalation

Clean & Sustainable

  • Bloom Energy Servers reduce local pollutant emissions and provide 24x7, carbon-neutral power
  • Can be paired with onsite solar to meet typical university electricity load
  • Sustainability leadership attracts parents and prospective students

Reliable & Resilient
reliable and resilient

  • Keep critical processes operating (emergency services, laboratories, data centers, etc.) when the grid fails
  • Pairing underground pipeline gas and a modular design, Bloom Energy Servers maintain maximum uptime

Bloom Energy's industry leading Energy Server Platform is a power generation system that provides always on primary power. The electricity generated is reliable, resilient, clean, and affordable. The Energy Server can integrate into campus low or no-carbon initiatives, all while providing onsite 24x7 power in  a compact and sleek form.

Students and parents care about sustainability. In the 2019 College Hopes & Worries Survey of 11,900 prospective students (78%) and parents (22%), 64% of respondents reported that comparing colleges based on their commitment to environmental issues would contribute to their application or attending decision.  


Bloom powers 10MW+ for educational institutions, including Caltech, Santa Clara University, and the University of San Diego. Outside of education, Bloom powers 25 of the Fortune 100 companies with clean, affordable, always on power. 


Learn how Bloom can provide your campus with power and heat, without combustion, and at the highest electrical efficiency in the world.